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Jasmine's Story

Growing up, I have never known a life without dogs being in the family. Not only did we always have at least one pet in our household, but my mother started her own doggy day care in my teens. We used to look after all breeds of dogs in the comfort of our own home. I would assist my mother in taking care of the dogs by feeding them, playing with them and taking them on walks. 

Since I left home, my mother stopped the business and I always longed to look after and have the company of animals again. I studied Fine Art at the Arts University in Bournemouth, focusing mainly on Sculpture. Academically I was always drawn to being creative or being active, simply because these were things I enjoyed most. After achieving my degree, it was time to travel and see the world. 

I have since worked four ski seasons, become a ski and snowboard instructor, travelled and worked across Asia, Australia, Canada and America.


Among many jobs I have done and experiences I have had; I worked for a B&B in Australia which I occasionally ran on my own when the owners took a break away, as well as taking care of the owner’s dog and their chickens. During a ski season in Canada, I was fortunate enough to live with my landlords, who had a husky and a malamute. I created a very close bond with these animals and would also take care of them whilst the landlords went away on holidays. 

Arriving back home has led me to buying a house in Aylesford, I had been working the 9-5 until I couldn’t take it any longer and had that urge as a kid to pursue something I enjoy. Now I get to look after your pets every day and will never look back. Being able to connect with animals and see them happy couldn’t make me any happier. Also, in my spare time, I can now feel more freedom to be creative again making works of art.

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