Overnight Sitting (24 Hour Pet/House Sitting)

*Please Note: this is a 24-hour overnight service – any household exceeding the maximum pets may require additional fees upon assessment. Travel costs may be incurred depending on location. Special requirements will be taken into consideration when pricing, so please do not hesitate to contact.


  • Multi-Pet Household (max 6 pets) - £35 (weekdays/weekends), £40 (bank holidays)

  • Dog Sitting (max 4 dogs) - £35 (weekdays/weekends), £40 (bank holidays)

  • Cat Sitting (max 6 cats) - £25 (weekdays/weekends), £30 (bank holidays)

  • Small Animal Sitting (max 4 *each viv/cage counts as one pet) - £25 (weekdays/weekends), £30 (bank holidays)

  • Reptile & Bird Sitting (max 4 *each viv/cage counts as one pet) - £25 (weekdays/weekends), £30 (bank holidays)

  • Horse Sitting (per horse) - £35 (weekdays/weekends), £40 (bank holidays)

What’s included:

  • Pet fuss/play time (max 2 hour walk for dog(s) included)

  • Cleaning and replenishing food and water bowl

  • Regular texts and pictures so you know what your pet/s have been up to

  • Picking up any post

  • Putting bins out/bringing in

  • Watering any plants

  • Cleaning up pet’s area (litter box, viv, cage, fresh bedding)

  • Daily chores (quick hoover, feeding birds, etc)

Cleaning can be added for an additional £8 per hour, including kitchen & bathroom, dusting & hoovering.


Additional Horse Sitting Duties:

  • Feeding

  • Fresh water/clean buckets

  • Mucked out in morning

  • Skipped out in evening

  • Groom 30-minute once per day *brushes must be supplied,

    • Feet picked out

    • Mane and tail brushed

    • Curry combed (if not clipped)

    • Brushed off

    • Face and Dock cleaned

  • Turned out and brought in

  • Poo pick field *only if living out/summer



The following additional can be provided upon assessment of horse and discussion with owner for £5 each:

  • Lunging/Long-reining - 20 mins

  • Walking in hand - 15 mins

  • Riding - £20 per hour

*Please Note: I am fully insured to work/ride horses through the BHS, as well as holding BHS Stages 1-3.

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